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Tooth Whitening – Zoom! and Take Home systems

Tooth whitening is proven safe and effective to improve the whiteness of your smile.

Currently Ascot Vale Smiles is offering both Zoom In Chair tooth whitening and Take Home tooth whitening. Please visit Zoom! Whitening for more information.

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Zoom In Chair Whitening:
  • By safely isolating your teeth from your gums and soft tissue, Zoom tooth whitening gel is placed on your teeth
  • The Zoom light is guided onto your teeth and whitening gel, increasing it's effectiveness
  • 4 x 15 minute sessions are applied
  • The teeth improve in colour over the course of 60 minutes and take-home trays are also fitted to maintain the whitening process!
  • Ascot Vale Smiles only uses genuine Zoom whitening gel and always recommends personalised take-home trays to maintain colour stability and to allow future whitening maintenence.

Take home tooth whitening
  • Individual customised gel trays are fabricated
  • Patients are given the whitening gel and trays to use at home, with instructions
  • Some gels are used 1 hour nightly, other gels may be used overnight
  • The teeth improve in colour over the course of 2-3 weeks
  • Ascot Vale Smiles only uses genuine Zoom take home whitening gel

Tooth whitening is only safe to use on patients who have had a thorough exam and medical history check. The examination will determine your suitability for tooth whitening. A common but temporary side effect is sensitive teeth during and shortly after tooth whitening is performed.


Tooth whitening is often used in combination with “smile makeovers” or “porcelain veneers” or “teeth straightening” to create the perfect bright smile!

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So if you would like to sit down and discuss your options in an open and honest manner, please call us on 03 9370 8581 to book for a comprehensive examination.

Tooth Whitening
Before And After

Here are some photos of our proud patients and their new smiles!

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