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65 Maribyrnong Road, Ascot Vale,
Victoria-3032, Australia.

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The dentists at Ascot Vale Smiles pride themselves on being able to create your perfect smile through cosmetic dentistry.

By combining experience in porcelain veneers and crowns, dental implants, and teeth straightening, Ascot Vale Smiles can help you understand all the various options available to create the perfect smile.

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By starting out with a comprehensive examination we can find out your goals and boundaries with your smile. By taking a full series of SLR photos we then can sit down and discuss treatment options in an easy to understand manner.

After a thorough Q&A we can then start to tick or cross off treatment options for you, normally starting from the gold standard and moving down. For example:
  • Is straightening your teeth with braces or Invisalign® ?
  • Do you want a colour improvement with tooth whitening ?
  • Are there any teeth to be replaced with bridges or implants?
  • Do you object to trimming your teeth slightly to allow for veneers?
  • How does your budget fit with decision making?
  • What timeframe do you wish to have this treatment completed by?
  • and so on….
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So if you would like to sit down and discuss your options in an open and honest manner, please call us on 03 9370 8581 to book for a comprehensive examination.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Before And After

Here are some photos of our proud patients and their new smiles!

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Fixed Braces
Porcelain Veneers
Resin Veneers