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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed to save a tooth, which otherwise may require extraction, due to a disruption of the tooth’s nervous system. Often the tooth will present as a toothache. Root canal can commonly be required due to:

  • Trauma to a tooth
  • Abcess or infection within the tooth
  • Deep dental decay
  • Previous deep dental fillings or crowns
  • Cracks in teeth
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Treatment normally takes 2-3 visits to clean and disinfect the tooth and to seal the nervous system to prevent reinfection. For teeth with deep dental decay, large fillings or cracks, crown is also recommended to ensure strength and longevity of the tooth.

After root canal treatment the tooth feels like any other tooth in your mouth. Success rates for root canal treatment have been quoted in scientific literature as between 80-90% successful.

Ascot Vale Smiles has a extremely high standard of care for root canal treatments to maximise patient comfort and treatment success:
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  • Our cleaning files are brand new, single use per patient. We will NEVER use a cleaning file that is not sterile or has been re-sterilised from another person.
  • We will always apply rubber dam (a covering for your mouth leaving only the treated tooth exposed) whilst performing a root canal. This isolation is important to protect other teeth, your soft tissues and airway.
  • Digital radiographs are taken at every step to maximise treatment success.
  • Apex locators are used to accurately measure the length of teeth
  • A referral to a specialist endodontist will be recommended if any unforseen issues are noted during treatment.
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So if you would like to sit down and discuss your options in an open and honest manner, please call us on 03 9370 8581 to book for a comprehensive examination.